Are you or a loved one in need of a social companion. Someone to visit on a regular basis just for a cup of tea and a chat or an outing to a local café, could be a family gathering, the movies or a more formal occasion?
If the answer is yes, Yarra Valley Helping Hands can assist with the transport and support necessary to enjoy any gathering or social occasion you may wish to attend.


When was the last time you went, or wanted to go on a holiday, either alone or with family and friends? Abstaining from holidays because of the need for assistance and not wanting to be a burden? Yarra Valley Helping Hands will endeavour to assist you organise a holiday on your own or with family and assist you whilst away, ensuring your safety, inclusion and the enhancement of your mental health and well-being.


Sometimes your primary carer/s want to take a well-deserved holiday, visit family or friends further away than normal or attend to some medical situation requiring a hospital stay. Yarra Valley Helping Hands can assist by organising staff to live in on a 24/7 roster.


Darcee and Melvyn are companion dogs. If you love dogs but are no longer able to look after one, we can visit you and keep you company for an hour or 2 while mum works at your house. You can spend all your time patting us and won’t stop you until it’s time for us to go home.

Darcee and Melvyn visit me 3 times a week and I love it, it is so relaxing and therapeutic I just can’t wait for their next visit. One sits on a chair at my feet or on my husbands’ lap, the other from the time she arrives is on my lap. I love it, we both doIda McQuade
Ida with a companion dog