Having a disability should not discourage anyone from attempting something new. Inclusion in the community and its activities is encouraged by Yarra Valley Helping Hands for everyone. We can assist you and your families in achieving lifestyle changes. An individual Assistance Plan will be devised to your particular needs, ensuring definitive results.

Hi my name is Ashleigh,

I have a carer from Yarra Valley Helping Hands who teaches and assists with my daily living skills –
Tidying my room, putting on my washing and hanging it out, my personal Hygiene, and cooking.

Together my mum and I choose an easy recipe, make up a shopping list in preparation for the next day.
My carer takes me shopping for the ingredients and we come home and begin cooking.
I have made evening meals ( Chicken Teriyaki ), cakes and Easter treats, even a birthday cake for a friend, which was a huge surprise to everyone.

My mum and I are really happy with all the new skills I am learning.